Gasunie Transport Services


The volume of energy transported increased by 2.2%, from 494 TWh in the first half of 2017, to 505 TWh in the same period of 2018. Late February to early March was a period of cold weather, with temperatures falling to almost -11°C. These were therefore also the days with the highest transport volumes of the winter.

Quality conversion

Compared to 2017, G-gas production in the first half of 2018 was further restricted. This led to a higher utilisation of the quality conversion. In the first half of 2017, 150 TWh of H-gas was converted to G-gas, while in 2018 this was higher, at 169 TWh. This is an increase of 12.7%. The volume of nitrogen required increased from 0.95 billion m3 in the first half of 2017 to 1.28 billion m3 in the same period of 2018.

Title Transfer Facility (TTF) gas trading platform

The gas in our Dutch gas transport network can be traded by market parties using the virtual gas trading platform TTF. In the period from January to May 2018 inclusive, market parties traded a total of 11,168 TWh of gas on TTF, compared to 8,899 TWh in the same period of 2017; an increase of over 25% due to the aforementioned cold weather early this year. In particular, much extra business was done on the Over-The-Counter market (OTC): 8,963 TWh. This meant an increase in TTF’s lead on the other European gas trading platforms in the first five months of 2018. Despite the decline in production from the Groningen gas field, this further underlines the leading role of TTF as a liquid gas trading platform for a smoothly running European gas market.

Infrastructure Outlook

In preparation for the 2020 Network Development Plan, we will again develop national energy scenarios in cooperation with TenneT. These can also serve as input for TenneT’s Investment Plan and the European Energy Scenarios of ENTSOG (European Network of Transmission System Operators of Gas) and ENTSOE (European Network of Transmission System Operators of Electricity).

GTS is collaborating with TenneT on the first Infrastructure Outlook for the Netherlands and Germany. This is a long-term survey of the core infrastructure for electricity and gas (natural gas and renewable gases), aimed at ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply in the long term. This survey will be completed later this year, so that the results can be taken into consideration in the finalisation of the Paris climate agreement.